How to Change Financial Year In Tally

During account keeping, a financial year is a very critical feature. The books are managed keeping in mind the year we are in. In India, the financial year starts from 1st April of a year and ends on 31st March of next year.  E.g. FY 2019-2020 refers to start date of 01.04.2019 and end of 31.03.2020. 

​Hence, in Tally software, we need to change the financial year where the working has to take place. ​The process to make the change is very easy. Kindly follow the basics steps to make the due changes.

Step 1. Open Tally

Step 2. Open the Company , for which the financial year changes need to be made.

​Step 3. ​On Gateway of Tally, Select the “F2 Period” encircled in red in the screenshot.​

​Step 4. 
The new pop up will open, which gives the option to edit the dates. Kindly enter the new dates. Save the changes.

​Step 5. 
The new dates are reflecting in the system. In top left corner, under current period, the FY 2019-20 is reflecting. 

Step 6. The financial year has been changed, To check, kindly open any accounting voucher. The numbering has been reset to 1. All the vouchers will start from 1 now. Hence, the financial year change has been successful .

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