How to Split Company Data Year Wise in Tally

In today’s date,  data, which is present in soft format,  is the core of an organization. Hence, it is important we take back up of the data and organize for easy access. 

With each passing day, the size of the data- increases.  We must split the data on yearly basis. Reason being:

  • Optimization of Data being used in current financial Year
  • Faster Speed 
  • Better Data Management
  • Reduce the rate of data corruption

In Tally.ERP 9 if the accounts are maintained continuously.  E.g. from 1 April, 20XX to Current Date, we have the facility to divide the data in two companies. i.e. A. Last Year Accounts i.e. from 1 April, XX to 31 March,XX and B. Current Year Accounts i.e. from 1 April, XX+1 to Current Date.

The utility to split the data is in-built in Tally. One needs to follow the below steps to make the effective changes.

Step 1 : Take Back Up of Tally Data. This is important. 

Step 2: Select the company which needs to be split. Select the company information, ‘Cmp Info’ (ALT + F3)

Step 3: Select the option, ‘SPlit Company Data’

Step 4 : Under this window, select the option, ‘Verify Company Data’
At this point, if any errors are reported, ensure to correct them & the proceed further.  Once the below screen is shown on the screen, where ‘No Error(s) Found’ only then one must proceed further. 

Step 5 : Now, go to previous screen and select the option, ‘SPlit Company Data’, ‘Select Company’.

This step involves multiple steps.  Enter the data from when the split needs to be made. The name of both the companies will reflect on the screen. 

Step 6 : Once the data has been split,  at Gateway of Tally, one can see new company names will be reflecting on the ‘Gateway of Tally’. One must rename the company name to avoid any kind of confusion. 

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