How to Take Data Back Up in Tally

Data Back Up in Tally

Data is the core of any organisation. We are using technology which makes it very delicate in nature. Hence, it becomes very critical to have back up of the data at our end. These days everything is maintained on computers, which is the soft copy of the data. We must always create back up of the data, which can be used to restore the content.

Timely back-up of data across any platform is very critical.

Steps to follow for Back Up in Tally.ERP9

Method 1
Tally in the software has the provision to take back up of the data. If the organization is providing us this important feature, we must acknowledge the same. We need to make it a daily habit to take back up when we start working in Tally. This should be our regular regime. The strict implementation of the same is our responsibility. We need to remember at the end of the day, computer is a machine & it can break down at any point. Hence, data back up is critical. 

Step 1. Open Tally.

Step 2. Under Gateway of Tally >> Cmp Info (Right Screen, Alt+F3).

Step 3. Select ‘Backup’.

Step 4. Select the company for which back up needs to be taken.

Step 5. Ensure to check the ‘Source‘ & ‘Destination‘ Path.

Step 6. Press Ctrl + A to initiate the back up.

Step 7. A TBK900_CompanyNumber.001 file will be created in the destination folder.

Ensure to save the file in proper folder, which will help in mapping it against the correct data against which the back up was taken

Method 2

The back up data feature is present in Tally. However, the same is not automated. We have taken the next step & automated the process of Back-Up. The Auto back up Module will ensure timely back up of data, whenever the company is opened or closed. The user has the flexibility to choose the option as per their convenience. 

Features of the Auto Back Up Module are: 

  • New Back Up Everyday
  • Zipped Back Up
  • Automated  Back Up

Step 1. Get the Add-On. Write to us us here.

Step 2. Copy the tcp file in the main Tally folder.

Step 3. Open Tally. Click F12 (Bottom Right Corner).

Step 4. Select, ‘ProducT & Features’.

Step 5. Click on F4, Manage Local TDL( Right Screen)

Step 6. Ensure ‘Local TDL files on startup’ is Yes.

Step 7. Enter the name of the file as ANIN360.tcp

Step 8. Once the file has loaded, come to Gateway of Tally.

Step 9. Under F11,  select Add-On Features.

Step 10. Kindly ‘Enable Tally Auto Backup’ to Yes. Also, Configure as Yes.

Step 11. Check for the destination path.

Step 12. Save the changes by pressing, Ctrl + A. 

One can check, in the destination folder, a folder with the company name will be created. Inside the folder, a zip file will be created with the name as system date, reflecting the date on which the back up was taken. 

       Folder name, “Rahul International demo” will be folder.
       File name, “” of the respective back up on that day.

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