How to Alter/ Delete/ Shut Company in Tally

Shut the company in tally means in simple words closing it.

If you are a beginner and learning tally first time most probably you will be in the confusion between Shutting and deleting company in tally. and thinks both are same, but it’s not is how you can understand.

Difference between shut and delete companies

when you choose to delete,that will permanently delete and you can’t find out that again and can’t open it again.

but when you selected to shut you can again open it and work on it.shutting is just closing it after completion of your work.just like you go to office, opens the door and works for some time.after work finished you will close the door and go to home.on the next day again you go to office and open the door.shutting is as simple as closing and opening your doors.

When you are selected multiple companies,selected companies lists will be display in the list of selected companies.that is left side of gateway of tally can easily see all lists and you can close those companies on which you are finished the work.

Shutting companies 
If you already opened the multi-companies and working on them and want to close any of them or two then there is two ways to close them.


*go to comp’ny info by pressing ALT+F3

*There you will see the option Shut comp’ny,click on it

*You will see all companies list.

*Select the comp’ny which you want to close one by one.

*Selected comp’ny will close after you have selected.



*Press ALT+F1

*the list will show all comapanies you selected to work.

*Then select the comp’ny one by one which you like to close.

*That comp’ny will remooved.

If you working on only one company then you can just

*select ALT+F1 to close the company.

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